The Camel and the Scorpion - Published!

A nerve-racking, vibrantly dramatic tale ... Kirkus Reviews

Nothing has prepared shy young college professor, Caroline Cavanaugh, for the international storm she is about to enter when she learns that her fiery student, Lydia, has been arrested. In Israel. For espionage.

Lydia's grandmother begs Caroline to rescue her granddaughter. Caroline risks her reputation and her dream career at the University of Texas on the unshakable belief that Lydia is innocent. But is she? How well do any of us know another person?

It's the late 1970s. The country is reeling from the effects of the Vietnam War, the fall of President Nixon, civil rights movements, the Great Inflation, and hair-trigger tensions in the Middle East.

The Camel and the Scorpion, inspired by actual events, reminds us how elusive the meanings of guilt and innocence can be.